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    Capitalize your energy!
    Capitalize your feed!
    • Reduce your production costs without compromising your zootechnical performance
  • Facilitate pancreatic, biliary and intestinal secretions
  • Improve liver function
  • Choleretic and cholagogic effect
  • Improve emulsification and digestibility
  • Prevent hepatic steatosis
  • High emulsifying capacity
  • Create smaller micelles, increasing the surface available for lipases to act on
  • Improve digestibility of fats and other nutrients
  • Enhance the absorption of monoglycerides, fatty acids and vitamins

Improving Digestion


Stimulates the secretion of bile salts that, together with the monoglycerides, help to create small micelles that increase the surface available for the lipases to work on.


Stimulates the secretion of pancreatic lipase to hydrolyze the fat, resulting in the obtention of free fatty acids and a monoglyceride.


Enhances the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K.


Enhance peristaltic movements and improves the process of physical emulsification of fat droplets.

Oils & Fats

Digest Fast® stimulates the secretion of bile salts due to its cholagogue and choleretic effect


Maintaining an adequate liver function is essential for the fats to be digested correctly, allowing the animals to express their full genetic potential.

Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of phytobiotics in the aid of detoxifying the organism through the liver and kidneys, leading to an improvement of the overall status.

The liver is responsible for secreting bile, which is essential, together with the peristaltic movements, for initiating the emulsification of fats.

The liver is one of the most important organs of digestive system, carrying out a large amount of metabolic functions. It plays a key role in the digestion and metabolism of nutrients, such as sugars, proteins and fats. (Up to a 90% of the nutrients go through the liver).

The botanicals included in Digest Fast® do not only have a choleretic/cholagogue effect, increasing the production and secretion of bile (essential for the correct digestion of fats), but they also have a protective and regenerative effect on the liver, helping to mobilize hepatic lipids and preventing the oxidization of fat.

Selected studies

In order to learn more about efficent studies, please contact with the technical team from LIPTOSA.


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    Fats and oils are the most concentrated source of energy, but they are also the most expensive. DIGEST FAST® is a useful tool that improves fat absortion for feed manufacturers and integrators, allowing to reduce the amount of fat incorporated to the diet, as well as feed costs, without compromising the animals’ performance.
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    The incorporation of DIGEST FAST® in the diet also allows to reformulate the feed, making it possible to use less concentrated and more affordable raw materials.
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    ON TOP
    It is recommended to use DIGEST FAST® ontop, without, modifying the diet, in the following situations:
    • In early-age diets, in order to improve fat metabolism and zootechnical parameters.
    • In layer and breeder hens with long reproductive cycles, to promote liver function and to improve the absorption of fatty acids.
    • In lactating females with high-energy diets to promote optimal body condition.


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